Loyalty program for a restaurant

Motivate your customers to buy more, and only from you.

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Loyalty program for a restaurant

Increase your sales

Over the years, we have collected very interesting statistics, 75% of all online orders are received by customers using the bonus system.

This, in turn, allows you to increase sales by 3 times

Why do you need a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is an additional benefit that you give your customers. It helps not only to acquire new customers but also to retain existing ones.
In 98% of cases, a person who receives cashback from you from each order will buy from you and not from competitors.

Platform capabilities for organizing your own loyalty program

Issue a virtual personalized card to each customer, on which cashback will be credited

Give a welcome bonus for registration

Automatically credit cashback to a customer's card as a percentage or a fixed amount

Increase cashback when certain limits are reached

Provide customers with a history of accumulated bonuses in their personal account

Give customers the opportunity to pay with bonuses for an order

How does it work on our platform?

Let’s see how the system works:

  • When a customer signs up on the site, he receives a registration bonus of 10$ or €10 depending on the currency of your store.
  • When making a purchase, the user receives 2% cashback from the purchase amount (this initial value can be changed to anything, for example, we can make it 10% if you wish)
  • When the sum of all orders exceeds $ 250, the cashback percentage will change by 3%
  • When the sum of all orders exceeds $ 500, the cashback percentage will change by 4%
  • All accumulated bonuses are stored in the system, customers can pay up to half of the order amount with bonuses via mobile application or on the website.

How to start a loyalty program?

To launch a loyalty program, you do not need to deal with all the intricacies of the Brandium.pro platform or look for programmers. Everything is already organized in our platform. Your customers will be able to accumulate and spend bonuses automatically through a mobile application or website.

All you need is to develop your own, cost-effective loyalty program, or use one of our ready-made templates.

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