Creating Promotions for Your Restaurant

Unlock new possibilities for your business with BrandiumPro. Easily create and manage promotions, choosing the time, place, and conditions for their implementation.

Creating Promotions for Your Restaurant

Creating Promotions for Your Establishment Promotions are an integral part of a successful business. They not only encourage customers to make purchases but also create an emotional connection, increase loyalty, and expand your customer base. With the BrandiumPro platform, you gain a powerful tool for creating effective promotions that help your establishment attract new customers and increase profits.

Unlimited opportunities for creating promotions

With BrandiumPro, you can create an infinite number of promotions, using your creativity and imagination. You can create various offers that take into account the uniqueness of your establishment and the interests of your target audience.


An administrator creates a new promotion in the management admin panel

Flexibility in selecting target establishments

With BrandiumPro, you have full control over which establishments will participate in your promotions. You can choose a specific establishment or consider all your branches. This allows you to tailor promotions to perfectly fit the needs and characteristics of your establishment network.

Flexible promotion conditions BrandiumPro allows you to set flexible conditions for your promotions. You can specify specific days of the week when the promotion will be active, as well as set the exact start and end times. For example, you can activate a promotion from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM to attract more customers during peak hours.

Enhanced flexibility in selecting products and discounts

With BrandiumPro, you can precisely determine which products or categories of products will be included in the promotions. You can choose specific products or create promotions for entire groups of products. Additionally, you can set a fixed discount or a percentage off the price of the products included in the promotion. This approach allows you to capture the attention of customers and incentivize them to make purchases.

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