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Launch promotions – for all products, groups, or individual positions.

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Launch promotions

People always strive to save money

Therefore, holding a promotion is a good stimulus for consumer demand. It was noticed that during the promotions, the number of orders doubled!

Different types of promotions are available

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Permanent promotions

including birthday discounts and free delivery at certain times

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Periodic promotions

discounts for specific products or product groups on the desired days of the week

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One-time promotions

other promotions that run only once

How to run a promotion for a restaurant?

With Brandium Pro you can:

  • Select an image for a promo that will be displayed in the mobile application and on the website
  • Choose the time when the promotion will be active
  • Choose active days, for example, Monday and Friday
  • Choose a discount, it can be fixed as on the image 50 cents or as a percentage (you can set 30 to the Discount field and uncheck isFixed field, it will become as 30% discount)
  • Select specific products or even categories of products that will belong to a promotion
  • Also if you have more than one restaurant it’s possible to select a specific restaurant for which this promo will be active

That’s all.

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