Create Custom Delivery Zones for Optimal Service

By creating custom delivery zones, you can optimize your service based on each location within the city. This allows you to set specific delivery costs tailored to your pricing strategy, ensuring that you are charging the right amount for each delivery. Whether you prefer a fixed delivery fee or flexible rates based on distance or other factors, our system gives you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business. Plus, by setting a minimum order amount for free delivery, you can encourage higher average order values and attract new customers. With BrandiumPro's Delivery System, you can provide optimal service and boost your bottom line.

Create Custom Delivery Zones for Optimal Service

In the modern world, where online food ordering is becoming increasingly popular, having an efficient delivery system that meets customer needs and provides flexibility in management is crucial. With BrandiumPro’s platform, you have the unique opportunity to create and customize different delivery zones that perfectly align with your requirements.

A delivery zone refers to a geographically defined area where your establishment is ready to deliver food. With BrandiumPro, you can easily create and configure various delivery zones based on your geographical location. This means you can precisely determine the areas to which you’ll provide food delivery, ensuring maximum delivery efficiency.

Flexible Delivery Pricing: Tailoring Delivery Fees to Your Needs

You have the option to establish a fixed delivery fee or use flexible rates based on the distance to the customer or other factors influencing the delivery cost. Additionally, you can set a minimum order amount that qualifies for free delivery, encouraging higher average order values and attracting new customers.


The establishment administrator creates delivery zones for each location within the city. Each delivery zone has its own delivery cost, which can be set according to your pricing strategy.

One of the advantages of BrandiumPro’s delivery zone system is the automatic calculation of delivery costs during the order placement process. When customers place orders on your website or app, they can easily select the delivery zone from the available options. Upon selecting a delivery zone, the delivery cost is automatically calculated, taking into account the set price for that specific zone. This allows customers to have a clear understanding of the delivery cost in advance, enhancing the convenience and transparency of the ordering process.

By creating different delivery zones on the BrandiumPro platform, you can maximize delivery efficiency, ensuring fast and high-quality service to your customers. The flexibility in configuring delivery zones allows you to determine precise delivery costs for different areas and control orders with a minimum threshold for free delivery. With BrandiumPro, you gain a powerful tool for efficient delivery management that will elevate your business to new heights.

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