How to use promo-codes or coupons for a restaurant

Increase customer loyalty and sales with coupon codes.

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How to use promo-codes or coupons for a restaurant

Promotional codes are a powerful marketing tool that helps you:

Attract new clients

Increase the loyalty of existing customers

Promo codes can boost your profits

Promote new items

How you can create a coupon on the Brandium Pro platform?

  • First, you need to create a coupon in the admin panel
  • Choose a type of the promotional code fixed or percentage
  • Select how many times the coupon code can be used by changing UsageLimit field
  • Set a discount for this specific promo code
  • Set an expiration date
  • Select products or product categories to which the coupon can be applied

That’s it, all you have to do is share this coupon code with your customers. Send them an email or push notifications.

The customer can use this coupon through the mobile application or enter it on the website and receive an automatic discount.

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