Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we understand the importance of account migration for your convenience. In 95% of cases, our technical staff can facilitate the transfer of accounts from your existing system to the BrandiumPro platform. We will do everything possible to ensure a seamless migration process and preserve your user database. Please reach out to our support team, and we will be happy to assist you in this process.

Yes, the BrandiumPro platform is already integrated with payment services such as Mollie and MultiSafepay, which allow for card payments. You will be able to accept payments from your customers in a convenient way. If you have a preference for a different payment provider, please contact our technical support with your request, and we will assist you in integrating the chosen provider for payment on your website or app.

Yes, the BrandiumPro platform supports payment through a payment terminal. You will be able to accept payments from your customers using terminals, providing convenience for your business. Please contact our technical support for additional information and assistance in setting up payment through a terminal on the BrandiumPro platform.

The process of connecting to the BrandiumPro platform is straightforward and convenient. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your order: Start by submitting an order request, and providing the necessary details.
  2. Contact from our manager: Our manager will contact you within a few hours to finalize all the details.
  3. Personal server setup: Our technical team will create a dedicated server for your establishment.
  4. Configuration and setup: The manager will configure all the initial parameters, allowing you to see the results on your website or mobile application.
  5. Menu integration: We will add all your dishes to the database.
  6. Ready for launch: Once these steps are completed, your website and/or mobile application will be ready for launch.

Please note that this is a general overview, and our team will provide you with detailed guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Yes, the BrandiumPro platform allows temporarily disabling order taking in the event of force majeure circumstances. The establishment can configure this option, and in such cases, visitors to the website or app will see that order taking is temporarily suspended.

Yes, the administrator of the establishment has the ability to cancel an order. In such cases, the user who placed the order will forfeit any additional bonuses that were granted for that particular order.

Yes, in our platform, it is possible to create separate menus for each establishment within your chain. The administrator of each establishment can add food categories that are specific to their establishment only. Additionally, each dish has settings to determine in which particular establishment it will be available.

More details: Flexibility in Product Customization: Individual Prices and Additional Options

Yes, our platform allows you to temporarily disable an unavailable dish to prevent it from being ordered. The administrator of the establishment can configure in which specific establishments the dish is available. Therefore, when the dish is temporarily unavailable, it is automatically disabled in the menus of those establishments where it is not currently available. When the dish becomes available again, the administrator can reactivate it in the respective establishments.

More details: Flexibility in Product Customization: Individual Prices and Additional Options

Yes, our platform provides the capability to exclude specific products from bonus accrual. The establishment administrator can configure the exclusion of bonus accrual for an entire category of products. This means that when customers purchase products from this category, no bonuses will be accrued. If needed, the administrator can modify the settings and allow bonus accrual for these products in the future.

Yes, on our platform, you can set different prices for products in each individual establishment. This allows you to adjust prices flexibly based on the needs and strategies of each establishment. For example, you can set a higher price for a product in a specific establishment where the cost of services or the location are determining factors. Additionally, if you want to run a promotion or discount only for a particular establishment, you can configure a special price for that product only in the selected establishment. This enables you to conduct marketing campaigns and attract more customers to a specific establishment.

More details: Flexibility in Product Customization: Individual Prices and Additional Options

Yes, the BrandiumPro platform supports push notification messaging. This means that the establishment administrator can use this service to send notifications to the application users. You have the ability to configure push notification campaigns for different user categories based on various factors such as their last visit date or geographic location. For example, you can send notifications about new promotions or special offers to users who haven’t visited your establishment in a while or who are in close proximity. This is an effective way to communicate with your audience and engage their attention with your establishment.

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