Design Customization for Website and Mobile App

Stand out from competitors with a unique and professional website design. With BrandiumPro's website customization feature, you have the power to create a distinctive visual identity that reflects your brand's uniqueness. Customize colors, upload your logo, and set the site icon to align with your brand, ensuring that your website stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. Gain a competitive edge and establish your online presence with a design that truly represents your professionalism and individuality.

Design Customization for Website and Mobile App

Create a unique website and mobile app using ready-made solutions. With BrandiumPro, you have complete control over the appearance of your website and mobile app. You can customize colors, upload your logo, and set the site icon to align with your brand. Your design will be distinctive and help you stand out from competitors. With BrandiumPro, you can create an impressive visual identity that reflects your uniqueness and professionalism.


Website Customization in the Admin Panel

One of the important features of the platform is the ability to modify the footer text of the website, allowing you to specify contact information, legal details, or any other text you wish to display at the bottom of the site.

The main menu on the website can also be fully tailored manually. You can add, remove, or modify menu items, creating a convenient navigation for your customers and highlighting important sections of your website.

Furthermore, the BrandiumPro platform allows you to create additional pages for your website, providing you with numerous opportunities to display additional information or create unique promotional pages. For example, you can create an additional page with delivery terms, depending on your imagination.

Our page editor features a full WYSIWYG interface that allows you to edit pages in a convenient mode. You can insert text, images, videos, and other media elements, as well as add additional blocks to shape the desired page layout.

One of the useful blocks worth mentioning is the “Products” block. You can display a list of products from any category on a page to draw attention to specific offerings or showcase the variety of your menu. With this block, you can create a page with selected products and captivate your customers.


The main page of our demo website is formed in a similar way, utilizing the WYSIWYG page editor and the “Products” block. This allows for a customized layout that can include promotional offers or any content you deem necessary.

With our BrandiumPro platform, you have plenty of options to customize the design, ensuring that your website and mobile app align with your brand, provide convenient navigation, and attract customers.

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