Flexibility in Product Customization: Individual Prices and Additional Options

Discover how custom prices and additional options can help you maximize online orders for your restaurant. Increase revenue with targeted product customization.

Flexibility in Product Customization: Individual Prices and Additional Options

Customizing products in the restaurant industry requires unique solutions to meet customer needs. With the BrandiumPro platform, you have everything you need to customize each item on your website with great flexibility. You can set individual prices for each product, depending on the restaurant or even its location. Additionally, you can add additional options to your products, expanding the choices available to customers and providing them with a personalized ordering experience. Let’s explore in more detail how configuring each product on the BrandiumPro platform can help ensure your success in the restaurant business.

Individual Pricing for Each Product and Restaurant

One of the key features of the BrandiumPro platform is the ability to set individual prices for each product based on the restaurant and consider different pricing strategies in different cities. This allows you to flexibly respond to market conditions, competition, and your establishment’s pricing strategies. Now, you can precisely adjust prices for each product, helping you maintain competitiveness and appeal to your target audience.

Individual Pricing for Each Product and Restaurant

Additional Options and Product Modifiers

BrandiumPro offers extensive capabilities for configuring additional options and modifiers for each product. This enables you to create unique selection choices for customers and provide a personalized ordering experience.

In the “Ingredients” section of the BrandiumPro platform, you can create a wide range of ingredients such as sauces, toppings, and additional components. After creating ingredients, you can assign them to specific products or even entire product categories.


In the BrandiumPro platform, you have the option to add ingredients that can be easily assigned to products or categories later.

On the BrandiumPro platform, you can utilize “additional options” for each product or product category, giving your customers even more individual choice possibilities. For example, you can create an option called “Choose Size” and set parameters such as “Is MultiChoice” (yes or no) and “Show Price” (yes or no).

This empowers your customers to select their preferred size for a product and, if applicable, see the corresponding prices for each size. For instance, if you offer pizzas, customers can choose between “Small,” “Medium,” or “Large” sizes and view the respective prices for each option.

If the “MultiChoice Selection” option is set to “yes,” customers can choose multiple ingredients simultaneously. For example, when ordering a pizza, customers can select to add mushrooms and peppers if these ingredients are available for choice. They can customize their order according to their preferences and create a pizza tailored to their taste.


Administrator Configuring Additional Options for a Category

Furthermore, when a customer selects a specific additional option, the BrandiumPro platform automatically recalculates the total price and weight of the chosen product. This ensures accuracy and convenience for customers, as they always have up-to-date information on the cost and weight of their order.

Thus, thanks to additional options and automatic recalculations, your customers can fine-tune their orders down to the smallest details and receive precise information about the cost and weight of each choice. This makes the ordering process more convenient and personalized.

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